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GX7 Studio Photography

Photography is something special, most of us take it for granted and don't pay much attention to it. The fact is, photography is something that records a moment in time, it is something we should all appreciate as it is a link to our history, to our past and most of all to our hearts and minds. see more...

GX7 Studio Art

Art throughout history has been fought over for a reason, art is something special, something that only a few of us understand but all of us appreciate. Art is the and always will be a very important part of our lives, emotions, actions and even our well being. see more...

GX7 Studio On-Line Store

We do sell our work, we work hard to create our art, as a result we have found that as photographers and artists we can bring joy to others. Our work is all about capturing a moment in time, creating a piece of art that has a meaning and creating something that people can relate to and enjoy.

GX7 Studio Services

Our team takes great pride when we get the honour of working on a project, those who come to us do so because they are looking for something unique, something different and something they have not seen before. Every new client brings out the best in all of us. see more...

Who Is GX7 Studio

GX7 Studio is owned and operated by Gabor Gal, it is he who has the visions, who creates and has the passion for the world of photography and art. Since 2009 Gabor has been deeply involved in creating unique forms of art, from the beginning the passion has only grown.

GX7 Studio Staff

The staff at GX7 Studio are all working together to bring to life the unique forms of art that it has come to be known for. Everyone who works with GX7 Studio follows a strict code of conduct and a very high level of professionalism, everyone understands their unique roles they are given.
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